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3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy a Property in Dubai

By far, Dubai is one of the region’s most transparent and regulated real estate markets. New regulations in UAE have further opened up properties to international investors, giving Dubai an even greater potential. Here are the 3 great reasons why you should buy a property in Dubai.
1. Low crime rate
If you own a property in Dubai, one of the biggest advantages that you can benefit from is the low crime rate.  Undoubtedly, Dubai is among the list of the world’s most secure places to live. The Dubai police is also popular for their competency in maintaining law and order in the city. Also, because of the emirate’s strict regulations, its residents are safeguarded from external threats as well.
2. No yearly property taxes
Another main advantage when purchasing a property in Dubai is that you do not need to pay property tax. You read it right. Dubai does not charge annual property taxes. Although, there is still a municipality tax or a “housing fee” monthly that you need to pay, which is 5% of your area’s average rental value, it is still a small fee compared to other countries’ property taxes.
3. Modern and people-friendly transportation
Dubai flaunts modern and people-friendly transportation; the latest is the Hyperloop which will be the quickest route between Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a speed of 1,200 km per hour, enabling people to travel in just 12 minutes. Around 4000 Hyperloop pods will travel between the two emirates on a regular basis.
Aside from these three reasons, you must also take into consideration that Dubai’s population is continuously growing, thus numerous real estate projects are being launched at an incredibly fast pace.  It is also a known fact that it is a popular tourist destination which paves the way for a lot of investment opportunities.
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